October News Madame Panetta

Dear Parents/Guardians, The students have been looking at the story "Où est le sac"(Where is the school bag). This story is about a girl named Erica who is looking for her lost school bag. Before presenting the story orally to the class, they were asked to use the reading comprehension strategies learned in class, such as look at the pictures, search for words that look like English and words that they are already familiar with. The students were than asked to share their knowledge by matching the words to their pictures. Here is the list of words. le sac (the school bag), la docteure (the doctor), le boulanger (the baker), la secrétaire (the secretary), le caissier (the cashier), la clinique (the clinic), le supermarché (the supermarket), l’école (the school). The students were asked to listen to the story and repeat after the teacher. Listening and repeating after the teacher are important strategies to help understand, speak and read a second language. They were then asked to act out the story in the form of a skitt using gestures, expression and correct pronunciation of words. This is a fun and interactive way to learn French. Here is a copy of the story “Où est le sac”. Have your child read the story to you paying close attention to the pronunciation of words. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-RmsRsBTEaiI/W5T6foc8WFE/AAAAAAAADFY/3s2XnJP1MnY9bAVp0fWJsRXb9a9DzwOSgCEwYCg/w326-h220-p/6599174775346321489


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