The French Program

Bonjour! My name is Madame Panetta. I am pleased to be your child’s French teacher this year. The French program is made up of two areas of study: Language Arts and Social Studies.

The Language Arts Program consists of a variety of thematically based units. These units will develop your child's vocabulary through activities such as reading, writing, singing, poetry, games and role playing. We will focus on oral communication as well as on reading comprehension.

The Social Studies Program consists of two strands which will be taught using the Ontario Curriculum.
1. Heritage and Citizenship: Students are introduced to topics that will help them develop an understanding of connections between the past and the present.
2. Canada and World Connections: This strand focuses on Canada and its relationships with the rest of the world.

During the first week of school the children presented themselves and what they enjoy doing orally to the rest of the class ( E.g Bonjour. Je m'appelle Madame Panetta. J'aime chanter). They were than asked to write it into their journals using the writing criteria discussed in class:  using correct spelling, punctuation and spacing in between words. The children learned that a sentence consists of words. A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends in a period. A finger space in between words helps separate the words and makes it more clearly stated.

Soon your child will be bringing home a French library book every two weeks. Please read with your child, pointing to the words and using the pictures to help with reading comprehension. If you are unable to read in French have your child use the reading comprehension strategies taught in class. They were taught to look at the pictures, look for familiar words and look for words that look like English. These reading comprehension strategies are proven to be effective for early second language learners. I am a strong believer of taking risks and making mistakes. It is all part of the learning process.

I have a website account for your convenience. My website is  The website will keep you informed on what we are learning in class.

Please check your child`s agenda for any important information. Should you have any questions, please send a note or call the school at (613) 836-4754.
Madame Patrizia Panetta


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