September 29

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have been reviewing classroom vocabulary in French. The children are encouraged to use them orally when speaking in the classroom. Here are some examples of these type of phrases.

Puis-je avoir ______________ (May I have _____________ )    

un mouchoir (a tissue)
un papier (a paper)
mon cahier (my notebook)

Puis-je emprunter ________________  (May I borrow)

une gomme (an eraser)
un crayon (a pencil)
un crayon de couleur (a pencil crayon)
un crayon de cire ( a crayon)
un marqueur (a marker)
un taille-crayon (a pencil sharpener)
un livre (a book)  
de la colle (glue)
des ciseaux (scissors)
Une règle (a ruler)

Here are some other phrases the children are encouraged to use in the classroom. There will be other phrases introduced next month.

Merci. (Thank you)
De rien (You’re  welcome)
Peux-tu m’aider? (Can you help me?)
Puis-je aller aux toilettes? (May I go to the bathroom?)
Puis je aller boire de l’eau? (May I go drink water?)

Please encourage your child to use these phrases at home as well.


Madame Patrizia Panetta


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