The French Program 
Bonjour! My name is Madame Panetta. I am pleased to be your child’s French teacher this year. The French program is made up of two areas of study: Language Arts and Social Studies.
The Language Arts Program consists of a variety of thematically based units. These units will develop your child's vocabulary through activities such as reading, writing, singing, games and role playing. We will focus on oral and  , written communication as well as on reading comprehension.
The Social Studies Program consists of two strands which will be taught using the Ontario Curriculum. 1. Heritage and Citizenship: Students are introduced to topics that will help them develop an understanding of connections between the past and the present. 2. Canada and World Connections: This strand focuses on Canada and its relationships with the rest of the world.
I have a website account for your convenience. My website is  madamepanetta.blogger. The website will keep you informed on what we are …
March News Dear Parents, The children have been introduced to the Reading A to Z program online in French.This is a series of leveled books in French. The children have access to the program at home as well. We have been rehearsing the story Le mal de dent d’Henri l’hippopotame (French Reading A to Z Level I).  We will be performing a play and each student will have a role to play. A group of students will be the narrators and others will be characters. The characters will need to memorise their lines. We will practice daily in the classroom. They may practice at home as well.Google French reading a to z and than login. Please feel free to practice reading any of the books listed. Login: jsmith2000
More information will be given regarding the expectations and date of the play.
Madame Panetta
Grade 3 News
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We have been looking at personal pronouns. We have been looking at personal pronouns. There will be a test on Monday February 11. Les pronoms personnels(Answers) Review
Singulier (S) Pluriel( P) Je (I) 1 personne singulier (1ps) Nous (We) 1 personne pluriel (1pp) Tu (You) 2 personne singulier (2ps) Vous (You)  2 personne pluriel (2pp) Il (He) 3 personne singulier masculin (3psm

January news grade 3

January News

Bonjour! Happy New Years! The grade threes are ready to begin learning about important grammar concepts in French. We will begin with the Noun.  We are completing these activities in the classroom throughout the week. By Thursday we will have covered all of these exercises. Le nom Le nom représente une personne (Anne, la fille), un animal (le chien, Benji), une place (Toronto) ou une chose (le crayon).   Indique si c’est un animal(a), une place(p) ou une chose(c).    1.Kanata __________ fille__________ 3. le chat ________          4.une gomme _________ 5. la maison  __________

Les types de noms Il y a 2 types de noms: le nom commun et le nom propre. Le nom propre commence avec une lettre majuscule. Le nom commun

december News

December News
Dear Parents/Guardians,
The children are ready to begin the Social studies component of French. The grade threes will explore the relationship between the natural environment, land use, and employment opportunities, and how different uses of land and resources affect the environment. They will compare urban and rural communities in Ontario using familiar vocabulary. They will create a map of Onario  locating the different urban and rural communities. Les communautés
Une communnauté rurale Une communauté          banlieu Une communauté urbaine

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